Our platform is designed with the needs of real procurement users in mind


Communicate with vendors directly in the app, thus saving time and enabling you to keep records of all communications in one centralized space.

Internal Notes

Make internal notes during the course of each tender. This helps you keep all relevant information in one easy-to-access space.

Digital Quotations

Can automatically record and compare quotations so as to give a quick, clear snapshot.


Conducts tenders digitally within the app. Save time by digitally sending the tender to vendors you are interested. The app then automatically collates the results once the tender is closed.


Clear approval flow which has been designed to support visibility and incorporate the right approval requirements at all points.

Centralized information

All information is available in one central database, enabling accurate and easy analysis and comparison.

ERP Integration

Call us to discuss how Komodo can be integrated with your existing back-end systems. (available for selected products only)

Clear Pricing

We offer a clear pricing schedule with different tiers of service, enabling you to choose the level that fits your needs.

Reporting and Analytics

Get reports and analytics in one place. Komodo’s powerful analytics features enable you to slice and dice the numbers in one place.

Access qualified vendors

Our vendors are verified by Komodo. We require them to submit copies of their company documents.

Price Comparison

Easily compare prices and specs within Komodo to help find the right vendor for your needs.

Vendor Profile and Reputation Database

See vendor details and past reviews to help you in your search.

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